These Modern Times releases the single "Patience" on 12 December

“Patience”, Catalogue Number: RU 212852

These Modern Times releases a two track single called “Patience” on Thursday 12 December. This is a stand-alone release following the previous two EP’s; “People Lie” and “Pictures Of The Sky”. 

The band hails from Stockholm, Sweden, and describes itself as “indie rock with curiosity to blend genres”. Although there is no style loyalty, there is definitely a nod towards some of the heroes from the 70’s and 80’s independent music scenes.

As the band formed in 2015, it was decided to keep as much freedom as possible over every part of the creative process. Lyrical content and strong melodies are important to the band, and so are the visuals, which are given strong color and playful patterns. This deliberately contrasts the slight touch of melancholy that runs through music and lyrics. 

Images, still or moving, are always around. Initially, used as backdrops during gigs to add an element of theatricality and drama.
– Images are now constantly projected at the studio walls during rehearsals as a way to spur imagination, says Kristofer Arbeus, the band’s keyboard player and art director.

Marc The Shark, DJ at Stockholm’s Rocket 95.3 FM, sees a certain uniqueness to the band’s approach.
– There is a three-dimensionality to the music that is a little different to other performers, especially in smaller venues. You don’t really get that mature approach to a “whole package” very often.

From left to right: Björn (bass, backing vocals), Lars (vocals),
Johan (drums), Kristofer (keyboard), and Tom (guitar, backing vocals)