These Modern Times

These Modern Times as opening act for THE CHURCH (AUS)

We’re happy to announce that we will be opening for THE CHURCH (AUS), 6 June 2021, at Droskan in Umeå (if the pandemic allows). In cooperation with Make It Sound Umeå. More details to come.

Video art for “Berlin

This multi-layered art video for the synth-drenched “Berlin”, created by Kristofer Arbeus (who also plays those synthesizers), takes us to some of his childhood places in 1980’s (West) Berlin. The sites are Zoologischer Garten, Osloer Straße, the Ben Wagin House, the U-Bahn, painted walls in Kreuzberg, and some more. Even if feelings and impressions linked to personal memories are impossible to share, Kristofer invites us to experience a deep color-patterned dive into his Berlin world.