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These Modern Times!

Bare Bohemian is out!

Our latest single, Bare Bohemian, is now available on your favourite streaming service. It’s a song about how the sight of a girl dancing on the roof opposite a hotel window in Copenhagen would cause a change of course in life. We really hope you will enjoy it. Click on the album cover to listen.

Somewhere under the Milky Way in 2022

Once more, our opening act for The Church (AUS) in Umeå has been postponed for another year. So, we’ll bring our very best live act to Umeå in 2022 instead. That is, if the pandemic allows.

Stay tuned.

Video art for Berlin

A multi-layered art video, created by Kristofer Arbeus, for the synth-drenched song Berlin takes us to some of his childhood places in 1980’s West Berlin: Zoologischer Garten, Osloer Straße, the Ben Wagin House, the U-Bahn, painted walls in Kreuzberg, and more.

Even if feelings and impressions linked to personal memories are impossible to share, Kristofer invites us to experience a deep color-patterned dive into his Berlin world.

Just click below.