These Modern Times is best described as an indie rock band with curiosity to blend musical styles. There are no references mentioned or style loyalty to obey, but if you hear an unintentional 70’s / 80’s-vibe you are probably not wrong.

Concise lyrics delivered over strong melodies are important to the band, and so are the visuals. Cover art, posters and flyers are made in-house and given strong color and playful patterns. Images, still or moving, are always around. Initially, used as backdrops during gigs to add an element of theatricality and drama, but now constantly projected at the studio walls during rehearsals as a way to spur imagination. 

These Modern Times hails from Stockholm, Sweden. The band has released the single Patience and two EP’s; People Lie and Pictures of the Sky.

To contact These Modern Times, please use any of the social media channels.