These Modern Times is a Swedish indie rock band with a dark, but peaceful, sound.

As the band formed in 2015, it was decided to keep as much freedom as possible over every part of the creative process.

Strong lyrical contents and melodies are important to the band. So are also the visuals, which are given playful colours and patterns. This deliberately contrasts the slight touch of melancholy that runs through music and lyrics.

There’s no style loyalty, but there’s definitely an echo of new wave and a nod towards some of the heroes from the 70’s and 80’s independent music scenes.

Images, still or moving, are always around. Initially, used as backdrops during gigs to add an element of theatricality and drama.

– Images are now constantly projected at the studio walls during rehearsal as a way to spur imagination, says Kristofer Arbeus, the bands keyboard player, and the creator of all art work. Art Direction is also Kristofer’s profession, currently working in-house at a major corporation.


Many see a certain uniqueness to the band’s approach.

– There is a three-dimensionality to the music that is a little different to other performers, especially in smaller venues. You don’t really get that mature approach to a whole package very often, says Marc The Shark, DJ at Stockholm’s Rocket 95.3 FM.

< Lars and Björn live at Klubben in Stockholm

These Modern Times is a four-piece band, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden:

Lars Haukeland – vocals and guitar
Johan Enbuske – drums
Björn Aldén – bass, guitar and backing vocals
Kristofer Arbeus keyboards and synthesizers

Lars, Johan and Kristofer
outside the rehearsal space in Södermalm, Stockholm >

These Modern Times has released two EP:s; People Lie and Pictures Of The Sky. The band is currently mixing an upcoming album. A first single, Bare Bohemian, was released in April 2021.