Lyrics – Bare Bohemian

Dogs were barking all through the night
Now, the alleys are quiet
I can’t sleep in my room again
The morning fades away
Like the sound of the morning plane
Birds will transit today
High above the motorway
Over the car parks and downtown trains
They will make their pass in the rain

My heart is like big balloon
Sailing in the open blue
All it takes is a needle
I pull away the window blinds
Daylight stabs me in the eye
There’s a change in the weather

I dreamt I was a movie star
Handsome, rich and tall
Setting sail in a dead-calm sea
The wind shifts to the east
Wraps me in the winds of wrath
Now the dolphins lead my path
I’d scream your name into the waves
The mermaids would sing
Release the rain
And I wake by the sound of a train

Someone walks the garden path
Rain moves across the grass
It’s the face of a neighbour
A girl is dancing on the roof
In ballet shoes and body suit
And I watch her across the street

The sky is tangerine
The colour of a dream
When the world collides
Will I still be in here writing poems and lines?
And could this day in life
Mean something to me until the end of time?
I head down to the street
The garden’s lost its green

I take the subway to the end
I take the same train back again
I live near by the station
I love the daytime solitude
People pass in multitude
I hear private conversations
I may not always speak the truth
But everything I do is true
I get off at your station


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